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Ultimate RadonBlok Delivers Superior Radon Protection For Irish New Builds


Visqueen, the leading manufacturer of gas protection and waterproofing membranes, has released a high-performance radon barrier membrane designed specifically for the environmental challenges of the Irish market. The Visqueen Ultimate RadonBlok 400 & 600 barriers draw on the company’s extensive knowledge and expertise in gas protection to help protect Irish homes and businesses from the health risks posed by radon.

With its unique polymer blend, Visqueen Ultimate RadonBlok has twice the impact strength of typical reinforced radon barriers and its increased flexibility, even in sub-zero temperatures, making installation easier and preventing issues with cracking. Both membranes are suitable for use in areas deemed at high risk of radon gas ingress and are certified by the Irish Agrément Board

Typically, traditional radon barrier membranes can be prone to punctures due to weaknesses in their grid style reinforcement design and can also crack during installation due to stiffness at low temperatures which greatly reduces their effectiveness.

Long-term radon gas exposure is the leading cause of cancer in non-smokers and can accumulate to dangerous levels in buildings. Elevated levels of indoor radon gas risks particles being inhaled by inhabitants, where the radioactivity within the lungs can greatly increase the risk of cancer developing. The risk posed by radon gas in Ireland is significant with Trinity College Dublin estimating that 10% of the country’s population is exposed to radon levels that exceed the maximum safe amount.

Ultimate RadonBlok 400 is a taped system & the 600 membrane is a welded solution. Available in 2m X 25m X 0.4mm (50m2) rolls each are suitable for sealing walls, floors and complex detailing such as service pipe penetrations and difficult corners.

More and more people are becoming aware of radon gas exposure and its potential impact on health in Ireland”, said Cameron Yates, Visqueen Technical Product Manager. “Providing a solution to developers and builders that delivers effective protection alongside being capable of dealing with the real-life challenges of application, was therefore paramount, and we believe RadonBlok is the ultimate barrier to protect new builds and homes in Ireland from radon gas

In addition, Visqueen’s established Zedex Damp Proof Course can also form an integral part of a complete radon protection solution for use over difficult jointing and brickwork. Zedex functions as a high-performance, radon resistant damp proof course which is also manufactured to withstand the rigours of installation. Zedex DPC has exceptional mortar bond properties and therefore can be used in cavity tray applications and also enjoys Irish Agrément board certification.


July 2018

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