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Visqueen Is The Right Choice For Copleston High School

Visqueen Is The Right Choice For Copleston High School

Leading manufacturer and supplier of structural waterproofing and gas protection systems, Visqueen, has recently worked alongside LSI Architects to provide a variety of innovative products for the refurbishment of Copleston High School, which forms part of the government funded priority school building programme.

Copleston High School, based in Ipswich, Suffolk, has an enrolment of more than 1,800 students and was in need of urgent refurbishment. The priority school building programme focuses on repairing schools that are considered to be in need of critical repairs and rebuilding in order to create better learning environments for students.

Adrian Moody, Associate at LSI Architects, said:

When we began working on the renovations of Copleston High School, we looked for materials that would ensure the building would be structurally sound, as well as being safe for the pupils attending the school.
Due to ground movement, we had to consider ways in which we could prevent water from beneath the building resulting in damp and structural damages, which could in turn impact the health of students with respiratory conditions. A traditional, loose laid Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) could not be placed underneath the building, as anticipated ground settlement would cause damage to it. As such, when it came to the specification process in this project we selected Visqueen’s integral gas and water DPM, GeoSeal, as its textured surface meant that it would bond to the underside of the building and remain unaffected by any ground movement.

Visqueen’s GeoSeal, a Type A membrane, which exceeds BS:8102, works efficiently to provide designers and specifiers with peace of mind that they are using the ideal waterproofing and gas resistant solution, even when there is a risk of ground movement.

Alongside GeoSeal, Visqueen recommended the use of its gas resistant self adhesive membrane (GR SAM), GR damp proof course (GR DPC) and liquid gas membrane (LGM) around the edge of the building to provide a robust waterproofing edge detail in accordance with BS:8102. They also prevent the transmission of harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Radon.

LSI Architects specified Visqueen’s GR SAM to form an integral gas protection system. As a high performance and high density material, the unique membrane provides additional peace of mind due to its resistance to punctures and tearing.

Adrian continued: “A challenge faced during the build, was finding materials that can pass through reinforcement and structural tie bars within the foundations, that provided gas and waterproofing protection, where a membrane would not be suitable. Thankfully, Visqueen was on hand to supply its innovative pile cap sealer. When applied, the sealer forms a grey cement compound, which can be brushed over piles and around reinforcement and used where sheet membranes cannot.”

Technical Support Manager for Visqueen, Paul Vincent, added: “We are constantly aiming to provide as much technical advice and support to architects as possible to ensure they can overcome any design difficulties they might face.


August 2019

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