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Visqueen Ultimate Hydrocarbon Urban Drainage Geomembrane

Product Description

Visqueen Ultimate Hydrocarbon Urban Drainage Geomembrane (UDG) is manufactured from virgin polymers consisting of a gas barrier core.

The barrier is coloured grey on the upper surface and black on the reverse. It is to be installed grey side up. The product is supplied in single wound rolls (not folded), 2.44m x 41m.

Features & benefits

  • Multi functional geomembrane for demanding situations - suitable for use in stormwater attenuation systems and as an impermeable membrane in permeable paving systems
  • Barrier technology - excellent VOC resistance and satisfies the testing requirements of the 9 challenge chemicals in CIRIA C748.
  • Robust - resistant to on site damage and puncture under high compressive loads
  • Flexible - easy to detail and install on site
  • Dual jointing methods - lap joints can be taped or heat welded

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